Stop Hiring These People

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Stop hiring people who tell you what they are GOING to do but cannot show you what they have ALREADY done. Every potential team member will tell you what he “WILL” do when he gets hired. I want to know what you have ALREADY done.

When evaluating a potential team member keep in mind:

Past Performance is the best indicator of Future Performance. 

Before you hire any person, ask:

  • What have you done in the past that clearly shows what you will do in this role?
  • How have you shown that you can do what this role requires? 
  • Even if you have never done this specific job before, have you shown in previous work experience that you have done similar things?

But what if you are interviewing a person who is fresh out of college? These principles still apply even when a person has no formal experience. When interviewing a young leader or recent graduate, assess how the person spent his years as a student.  Did he have a pattern of doing similar kinds of things to the proposed role? Did he start things, lead people, and show the kinds of skills necessary to be on your team?

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The best way to ensure that a person is competent for a role on your team is to look back.

Remember, Past Performance is the best indicator of Future Performance.

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